Thursday’s Special: Pick a Word (pursuit, veneration, effervescent, personal, peculiar)

Today you are given five unrelated words that are neither synonyms nor antonyms. Pick one and depict it in photo(s).


  • Pursuit

  • Veneration

  • Effervescent

  • Personal

  • Peculiar




If you’d like to join this challenge, link to this post and leave me the links to your entries in the comment section. I’ve been away for a few weeks on a much needed holiday, but it feels nice to be back and to see you all again. Β Thank you for joining me. Have a happy Thursday!


jupiter najnajnoviji


I am proud to present participants’ entries. Click on the links bellow:Β

77 Comments on “Thursday’s Special: Pick a Word (pursuit, veneration, effervescent, personal, peculiar)

  1. Hi Paula and welcome back. I hope everything is fine with you!
    A very lovely photo with a great sense of freedom. I like several of the word so I’m not sure which one I will choose.


  2. What a wonderful photo – and so true, our words really do matter. You’ve chosen five very interesting ones.


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  6. Welcome back Paula. I hope you had a great time.

    It was hard to choose from your words, but I’ve gone for night shot of Ljubljana. My daughter flies out tonight for a few days and I couldn’t help look back at my photos.


  7. Lots of choices there, Paula! You’ll get a great response. So glad to have you back and revived a little. I so hope life gets a little easier. Hugs, darlin’ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


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  12. Hello Paula. So good to have you back in my inbox. I hope you feel revitalized. I’ve missed your superb photos – this one reminds me how much, with its sky and punch of red and sense of height and freedom.

    The word I’d choose would be “veneration”. It’s the anniversary of the beginning of the Warsaw Uprising on Monday: that amazing effort against the odds by ordinary people.


    • Thank you Meg. I would like to see your possible interpretation when you are ready. Hope that you are enjoying your summer days in Poland.


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    • Lena, I linked to your posts immediately for both challenges. In this case it is the second one from above.


      • I see that now, but my comments seems to get lost somehow! I thought maybe they end up in your spam? I know others have in my blog even though the are long time followers.


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