Black & White Sunday: Favourite

This week I want you to post a photo of your “favourite”. Be it a place, a thing, a person, a pastime or your holiday. Your favourite anything. Maybe the favourite shot you have taken and still haven’t published. The only requirement for this “favourite” is to make it black and white. It goes without saying that sepia, cool tones and other variations (including selective colouring) are permitted.

kravica rina monochrome-1_potpis_scale

My favourite encounter from recent holiday. Say hello to RinaΒ 




You know the drill. Make a post for this theme, link it to this post and leave me your link in the comment section bellow.

If you haven’t checked out the last Sunday’s post, please do. I have enclosed links to participants’ entries, and I must say that there are some wonderful contributions.


Please have a look at this week’s entries:


65 Comments on “Black & White Sunday: Favourite

    • Oh I am so very pleased that you like it Meg. Thank you. Yes, she got a bit of a sepia treatment. I wanted to give her timeless look πŸ™‚


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  2. Ahh, I saw the sweetest horses and sheep down in the Dales yesterday! If I only had time to convert to B & W for you πŸ™‚ You’ll have to settle for a colour version, when I get to it. πŸ™‚ Lovely music, too, Paula. Thank you for another beautiful post. Wishing you a happy Sunday.

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    • Thanks, Debbie, she really is. Corsica is a great choice. I’ll have a look as soon as I am near my computer.


  3. This is a sort of two-centre-tour photo. First you fix on the very pretty cow looking back at us so intently. Then you are lured off into the distance to go and look at mountains, or maybe venture into the forest. Have a good Sunday, Paula.

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      • You obviously don’t live next to them! They can be VERY noisy! Even during the night and especially when the bulls are around… πŸ™‚


        • I don’t recall the sounds, but the smell I do recall. I tend to book holidays on a farm from time to time. In any case I would much rather have them as neighbours than the 9its I have now.

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          • Haha… yes that’s all too true. At least I don’t have the idiot drunks waking me up in the small hours of the morning shouting and fighting, and no sirens.!

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    • and a very friendly one. How are you, Max? I’ve just realised that there are tons of photos from 2014 that need sorting, and all the year since then too πŸ˜€ I need to sort my priorities and better manage my time.


      • I also have tons of photos to sort out. A lot from this summer and a lot of older stuff too. It would probably be a good idea if I went through my whole library and deleted things I’ll never post/use/look at, but it’s all a question of time.
        Photographing is a time-consuming hobby. Most of the time is spent after the photo has been shot.



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