Black & White Sunday: Towering

Black & White Sunday challenge this week has towering as a theme. Towering can be a building, a person, a mountain, or a tree.. maybe you can finish the list? Show me your black and white examples of towering. Today I have three and they all include towers. When you make a post, link it to this challenge and leave me your links in the comment section bellow.


siena toranj b&w treca-1_potpis scale

Being able to enjoy sunny Tuscany if only for a few days is a bliss.

london shard b&w drugi-1_potpis scale

The most distinctive building in modern London is Shard, at least to my eyes

bologna pano crop b&w-1_potpis_scale

In medieval times Bologna’s skyline was crowded with high towers, very much like Manhattan today. This is what is left of them… 



This week a devastating earthquake hit the central Italy and killed about 300 people and children by erasing half of the town of Amatrice and damaging badly nearby municipalities at about 100 miles from Rome.

There isn’t anything I can do in face of this tragedy, but to say a silent prayer for all the victims. 


Check out the entries for this challenge:

51 Comments on “Black & White Sunday: Towering

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  2. A touchingly towering post, Paula, reminding us in images, words and music, that it is our humanity – the capacity to make, create and share with others – however we choose to express this – is what truly matters.

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  3. Such beautiful towers- the tower is Tuscany is exceptional. The earthquake in Italy saddens me-so much loss in the span of minutes. I like your musical choice- interesting how the music changes half way through- begins as a flowy melody and then changes its tone, only to return to the melody once again. Like life.

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    • Thank you kindly. Lisa. I chose the music for the reason you mentioned, but also cause Giovanni Allevi comes from the earthquake struck region. I appreciate your insightful comment a lot.

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  4. An unusual angle on The Shard, Paula, but the first photo is my standout favourite. Tragic events in Amatrice! Nothing to do but acknowledge our luck, and say a prayer.

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  6. Love your Tuscan tower – what a beauty. I’d love to visit Tuscany. Been on my list for ages, but never got around to going. So many places, so little time.

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  12. I enjoyed the piano concerto very much. I found it captivating. Are you playing the piano?
    The first one is magnificent. Tuscany a place on my wish list after seeing a movie. Beautiful.
    Hope you enjoy my selection. I didn’t realize I don’t photograph towering buidling from a vacation
    I took in San Francisco. I’m adding towering / large things to list if things to photograph.
    Have a nice week …
    Isadora 😎


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    • Wonderful!! So happy you joined me (I was wondering if you would, but I knew you would have something spectacular :D). Thank you, Tish!

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      • Thank you as ever for the intriguing prompts, Paula, to say nothing of your inspirational compositions. I love this multiplier effect of creativity that emanates from your blog, and is then reflected back through the work of those who join in the challenges. I haven’t said this for some reason, but WELL DONE, you.

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