Thursday’s Special: Eye Contact

Before I start with today’s business let me congratulate Restless Jo whose beautiful Palladian Bridge won most votes in the poll for the best Traces of the Past.

Last week the Thursday’s Special theme provided a choice of five words. I liked all the entries, but have to single out Le Drake Noir who told a story around all five words in a single image that could easily pass as a book cover, and Geriatrix for her beautiful interpretation of viscid which I admit was a tricky word to interpret. The last but not least was a surprising offering from Ark in the form of an elusive nocturnal crab that was shot in the middle of a day. Still, I loved and am very grateful for all your “brilliant”, “profuse” and “disorderly” entries. I hope it was fun for you as it was for me. Β 

This week we have eyes on the TS menu.
I went with the eye contact but you can go much wider in your interpretation of EYES: think not only of the organ of vision, think of peephole, bull’s eye, eye of a needle, think of London Eye. Possibilities are many.
You have time to give your responses by next Wednesday.



They’ve told me that animals are best shot in the eye.




About Thursday’s Special: it is a colour photo challenge that takes place on Thursdays. Concrete themes are provided and announced well in advance. See the Scheduled Challenges page. You are supposed to make a post on the given theme, link to this one, and leave me your links Β in the comment section bellow.Β 

jupiter najnajnoviji


And here are the entries for this beautiful challenge:

62 Comments on “Thursday’s Special: Eye Contact

  1. Good grief! What a surprise! Thank you very much πŸ™‚ Completely unexpected, Paula. I haven’t given any thought to Eyes. Feeling a bit out of sorts tonight. No good reason. Will catch up with you later. Sending hugs πŸ™‚

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  2. It really is eyeballing you as it presents that slash of iridescent green. I’ll pass on this one: although my favourite pastime at the moment is pressing my granddaughter’s nose as I look at her with love and she looks back and grins.


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  5. Congrats to Jo and your special mentions too! Those eyes look a little intimidating to me. Perhaps ready to set flight at amy moment. Wishing you a great day Paula!


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    • Debbie, my comments are going to spam automatically on all blogs. WP is looking into it now, but I commented on your post too and it did not show up.


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