Here is a recap of what I posted during the month of September: 


And my black and white gallery


NOTE: I am taking a few weeks of blog break. I am not on holiday, just too busy to be here. I will advise you of challenges and posts to come on my Scheduled Challenges page in due time. If you post any entries for the last challenge in the meantime, I will visit you and link when I come back. 

29 Comments on “SEPTEMBER RECAP

  1. Such a diverse collection Paula, stunning 🙂

    So hard to pick one over the other, but, your night shots are simply top class 🙂

    Thank you so much for sharing and come back a fresh 🙂


  2. Hey P – hard to believe that September is gone – but this post helped me bring closure in some weird way! The bird soaring was like – bye September – and the burgeoning flowers remind me of the weekend I enjoyed that pick a word post of yours – ahhhh – fun how blogging gets conditioned in to our memories –
    Anyhow – please have a good break and I know for me the breaks keep blogland doable and fresh – well not when I take off for too many months – then a funk comes in and well – a few weeks or even five can freshen the schedule for me-and keeps things alive!
    Be back later and xxxoo


    • Autumn is dull and not according to plans, but there isn’t anything to complain really :). It’s very nice to see you again. How are you?


      • Oh, some people say autumn is their favorite time of year with all the colors 😉 what plans did you have?
        I´m very fine, I think it was about time to do some blogging and connecting again, been way too long, but enjoying my time and travels here very much, such beautiful palces and amazing people in this part of the world!


        • It is mine too, when the nature acts accordingly and when I have time to enjoy it. Hubby and I were supposed to have a week holiday in October, but he got sick and we just stayed home spending the days off that were dedicated for a holiday. Being in a friendly surrounding charges one with positive energy. Am very glad for you 🙂


          • Yep, ofcourse, shame you had to stay home, but can be very good to disconnect and relax at home, hope the work is not to heavy on you as it was before. Thanks, trying to enjoy as much as I can around here, never know where we might head next 😉


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