Thursday’s Special: Tell a Story

When I go out armed with a long lens, chances of unexpected encounters suddenly go up. At least that’s what happened some months ago when I met well… read the story to find out more 



Unsuspecting little souls are playing carefree like children are supposed to.


Something is moving towards them ….  Out of the corner of her eye, the little girl notices what looks like an armed woman. 


“Stranger, Danger”,  her little finger seems to be shouting. 


We ain’t scared of you lady! 


And just when I am expecting a pair of grown-ups to come to their rescue,  the brave duo starts running towards me offering a friendly embrace.

For this Thursday’s Special challenge tell a story in pictures. It may include a character or several of them, or your characters can be places changing over time. You have complete liberty in that respect. I told my story through several captures, but if you can do it in a single shot, all the more power to you.

Just remember to:

  • write a post on the given theme, and publish it before next Thursday

  • link to this post and tag it #thursdaysspecial

  • leave me links to your posts in the comment section bellow.

jupiter najnajnoviji

Click on the following links to see the participants’ entries:

45 Comments on “Thursday’s Special: Tell a Story

  1. What a wonderful photo sequence and captions! Love the color of the little girls dress in contrast to the setting. Will have to work on this one Paula- may take me a few days as things are a bit hectic! 🙂

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  2. Great sequence, Paula! Not sure if I have any sequences, but I do aim to tell stories in a single image, so I shall think about this one!

    Liked by 1 person

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    • Yes, I’ve been getting more unpredictable lately introducing humans into my shots. I did 🙂 Kids seem to like me:D


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