Black & White Sunday: Nightscape

Even though it hasn’t been long since we did nocturnal for Thursday’s Special, I am giving you another night theme, but this time in B&W. It is nightscape, a representation of a night scene.

The absence of colour lets us focus on shapes more, and the scene is more solemn with a film noir feel. Maybe you’d like to join the challenge even if monochrome is not your first choice when it comes to photography. However, converting a photo into Black and White can be revealing. It makes you look with a different set of eyes – eyes that are not distracted by colours.


If you missed seeing this scene in colour, go here.

If you want to participate in Black & White Sunday photo challenge, make sure to:

  • make a photo post in black and white before next Sunday 13 November

  • link it to this challenge post and tag it   #blackandwhitesunday

  • leave a comment under this post (pingbacks are not comments)

Please click on the links bellow to see more night scenes:

51 Comments on “Black & White Sunday: Nightscape

      • Hello Debbie. I had to go out this morning after a whole day of rain to catch some air. I was concerned that you would not like Ljubljana i monochrome – phew. Thank you, honey.


  1. Bonne fin de journée Paula,
    Ah oui ! la photo donne en effet en noir et blanc une toute autre atmosphère. Doux, de beaux reflets. Je suis allée Ljubljana en 1974, mince c’était il y a longtemps. C’était encore l’ex-Yougoslavie et peu de touristes le long de la côte, le début seulement. J’ai vu des bâtiments qui à ce jour ont été détruits.

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    • We are having a diluvial rain here, and it means sleeping a lot. I went out for an hour when it stopped raining to look for my heron, and I found him so it is a good weekend after all. I appreciate your entry, Lisa. I would like you to try more night shots. You have a knack for it.



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  6. This is the best night photo I’ve ever seen, I think. Such sharpness and light, the reflections and the placement of the barge of lights. Can’t find enough superlatives. I have trouble seeing it as noir I must confess.

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  10. I love this shot, Paula. Converting an image to b/w can often be very revealing and i often do that when considering doing one of my images as a painting. It can be very helpful to see things without the distraction of colour.

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    • Hello Mark. It is always great to see you, and I am glad that you have some free time at last. I am doing OK, a bit too busy at times, but nothing to complaint about 😉


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