Thursday’s Special: Pick a Word in November

Here we have again the recurrent photo challenge theme: Pick a Word. As usual you have a possibility to choose between five different words, or do several or even all together (in one post). Here are my five examples for:






You may have noticed that this time there are no dilapidated, decayed or abandoned subjects. We are approaching the end of the year and must do our best to keep the spirits up. Maybe some  images from my eclectic gallery will inspire you to join the challenge. 



matos s lijevog boka-1_potpis_scale






bratislava by night_hdr


To join the challenge you are supposed to:

  • Make a photo post post featuring one or more photos on one (or all) of the provided words, before next Thursday.

  • Link to this challenge post, and tag your post #thursdaysspecial

  • Leave a comment under this post (pingbacks are not comments).

Details about photos:

#1 and #2 are shot in my town – Zagreb, Croatia. More about #2 – here

#3 is a random flower i.e. a flower ballerina

#4 is not my dog.

#5 is a night walk in Bratislava, Slovakia and is also my offering for Jo’s Monday Walk

Links to participating entries:

And a few pingbacks (below in the comment section) from people that forgot to say hi ……

146 Comments on “Thursday’s Special: Pick a Word in November

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  2. Whiff is my favourite! My first thought reading the list was how on earth would you do whiff? Idleness is perfect – and permanent. And you’r enight shots are always wonderful – true luminosity this time. The water textures are quite lovely.

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  3. Whiff is a great name for a dog 🙂 🙂 I made it here, under duress. The laptop is misbehaving and my spirits are low, Paula, but I can always rely on my virtual friends to lift them. Thank you so much for holding out your hand. I would very much enjoy that arm-in-arm stroll. Sending hugs 🙂

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  4. ps: spero che non ti abbia disturbato il fatto che ho scelto di pubblicare le mie foto come commenti al tuo blog …


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  15. I have two for you this time Paula – will start with this little jaunty fella:
    and I shall have another for you on Saturday with a similar theme.

    I like your idleness – I have an image in mind for this which I posted on an older blog of mine some years ago that you might enjoy

    Have a lovely weekend Paula, see you again later 🙂

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  17. Good day Paula…I must say it took me a bit to get to this comment box. I like the color in jaunty. Whiff is a cute puppy. While luminosity is often found within photography, I find myself struggling with this word. Thanks again for offering challenges.



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    • I am very excited about your moon too. I think it is a perfect choice for luminosity. Lisa, I am very glad that you have fun responding to challenges 🙂 I speak seven (with my mother tongue, but not all of them equally well). xx


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  21. Hi Paula, thanks for another great challenge – and I like your photos, too; they dragged me in.
    At first I only had in mind to go with the luminosity, but the harder I looked at the pictures, the more terms seemed fitting… Enjoy!

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    • Hello Tobias, I am fascinated with words, and am enjoying this challenge a lot when I see entries like yours. What a nice surprise from you!


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    • Thank you, Jaspa. I am glad you have recognised Bratislava. When the skies are dull I prefer to take night shots 🙂 I like your entry. Have a great day!

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