Some may argue that it is not the right time of year to tackle this theme with all over the top festivities going on in the eve of forthcoming holidays, but I hope that you will still humour me and show minimalism in photography. If you don’t feel like participating in this challenge, just to remind you that we still have one more Thursday’s Special before the close of the year, next Thursday with the theme: 2016 Retrospective πŸ™‚


Minimalistic World of C. Pillar

Β©Paula Borkovic

Note: The last Thursday’s Special was two weeks ago, and there have been quite a few original and imaginative responses. Please check them out here.

Click on the links bellow to see minimalist entries:


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  5. You’re never boring, hon πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I’ve semi-retired myself from the blog this week, but I’ll go and see whose concepts I missed. Wishing you a peaceful Christmas.

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    • Maybe you’ll be moth free next year. Thank you, Marilyn. I am always happy when I see you join in. Happy holidays!


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  11. This is a great shot – as is the magnificent scenery photographed by the sea. Have a wonderful, relaxed Christmas, Paula! And let’s keep in touch next year.

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