In an area of 49,000 square kilometres at the historic crossroads of cultures, religions and conquerors, Slovakia boasts more than 300 old castles and ruins. The castle in the photo bears the name Hrad Beckov and stands proudly on the Beckov cliff on the road that runs from Bratislava to High Tatra mountains. Many legends are told about the place, but nobody really knows who its first owners were. The fact we do know is that it was built to protect the borders of the Kingdom of Hungary and that it dates to the middle of the 13th century. In the 14th century Sigismund, the King of Hungary, gave the castle to Stibor of Stiboricz, a Lord of Polish descent. Stibor owned 31 castles, but he was particularly attached to this one. He took special care of it and rebuilt it in the Gothic style. A few years later Sigismund made Stibor the Duke of Transylvania (now in Romania), and the owner of Bran Castle aka the Dracula’s Castle.


Hrad Beckov


This is Black and White Sunday photo challenge, today with the theme: ON TOP. If you’d like to join:

  • make a B&W photo post on today’s theme before next Sunday

  • link it to this challenge post and tag it   #blackandwhitesunday

  • leave a comment under this post 

P.S. If you missed some of the entries from last week’s challenge, you can find the links here. The themes for the next week’s challenges are already published on Scheduled challenges page.

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56 Comments on “BLACK & WHITE SUNDAY: ON TOP

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    • That’s what I thought about vegetation too. Could be cause I captured this in the rain. We were just passing by and I could not stay and wait for the weather to clear up. Thanks, Hilary.

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  4. A topping photo, Paula. Not only the dramatic contrast of castle and church, but there’s also a slightly abstract quality in the overall composition – a fascinating collage effect, and horizontal and vertical contrasts of light and shade. Love it.

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  6. I want to get rid of the church tower… but love the composition with the grass in the foreground. I am guessing that you got down quite low to take this one. Now I shall have a look in my archives for a Welsh castle to compete – I could of course use ‘my’ hill which is obviously ‘on top’ but I quite fancy a castle 🙂
    See you later, enjoy your Sunday Paula xx

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  15. 300 châteaux? Wow. Celui-ci est superbe (Dans ta photo).
    On peut imaginer toutes sortes de mystères, de trésors cachés, de souterrains…
    Bonne Année amiguinha.

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