Winter is harsh this year, and it seems to go on for ever. That’s why I decided to make wintry today’s challenge theme with apologies to those living in the Southern Hemisphere.

The bellow photo was captured in a secluded Istrian village, at the very beginning of winter, when snow was still non-existent, but the chill could be felt in the air, and the colours, light and scarce vegetation all screamed of winter.


©Paula Borkovic

If you want to join this photo challenge:   

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NOTE: Next challenge (Thursday’s Special) will be on 2 February. There is no Black and White Sunday on 29 January.


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  2. Brrr….distinctly chilly! I missed some great shots of seriously frosty trees the other day, as I didn’t have my camera with me when I took my car to the garage. Groan! It was very Narnia

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  4. …this year in Milan we’re having continuously sunny days , no snow , and moderate cold temperatures….
    But i’m so sorry for you…!
    Your photo , entirely impregnated in a spell of bitter cold… one of the best wintry shots I’ve ever seen!

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    • This is fortunate for you, Anna. Our cold winds come from the east, and you are shielded by the Alps. I don’t remember when I saw the blue sky last. It could have been somewhere in December, when I took a weekend trip to Istria. Still, it is the right time of year to feel cold. There is a reason for each season. It is fascinating to see how light and colours change every month 🙂 Thank you so much for your nice comment.


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  7. You have captured that interesting blue colour that only appears in the winter light. And I love your smooth waterfall. Nice combination of textures and tones Paula, I’m sorry you are having such a harsh winter. I have hardly seen any frost here in the far south-west so I’ll have to dig in the archives for this challenge. Take care and keep warm 🙂

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  9. True. Temperatures are below zero in a two-digit range and it really affects the mood. But at least the sun come out today and the forecast says temperatures are going to rise. Yeah… 🙂


  10. I agree, the photo is inspiring … as is the challenge. Now I’ll have to look for some more “wintry”…


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  12. Is the weather crazy or what? You’re having a harsh winter and we’re having an unseasonably warm winter. Go figure! But your photo is beautiful, Paula! Keep warm, my friend! 😀


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  16. Hi P – winter “does” seem to go on forever – and I like the coolness felt in your photo….
    also, the nicely paired music had a haunting start with a nice flowing rhythm,….

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  18. i’ve just noticed that you’re not posting tomorrow, Paula. I hope this means that you’ve managed to get away for a birthday break, but if not then I hope you’ll be having a delightfully restful time. 🙂


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