Today you are invited to post a portrait and landscape format of the same scene. You may be surprised at how much different they look and what each one reveals. That’s the only requirement for this challenge. The subject is up to you. Have a great day!


Zagreb, Kamenita Vrata (Stone Gate)

Zagreb, Kamenita Vrata (Stone Gate)

©Paula Borkovic


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  1. What excitement! I know that gate. I sat on the benches in the shrine for half an hour early one morning watching devotees and an officious nun and oblivious passers-through. You’ve made an excellent point with the two photos. My pick is the portrait – it shows so much more of context – although my personal tendency is more to the landscape. I even often crop portrait to landscape, because of my penchant for detail rather than context. The portrait gives that line of metal posts and the cobblestones, and a more complete view of the spires. As an incidental, the fact that people are heading into the shrine says more than the people coming out.

    Thank you for a journey back to Zagreb.

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  4. You illustrate your point beautifully, Paula. That’s a lovely aspect of the city. And is that a love song? 🙂 🙂
    I have a tendency to Portraits. Not sure if or when I’ll find you an appropriate pairing though. Isn’t Meg wonderfully observant? Happy Thursday!


  5. Definitely the portrait, Paula, for the sense of place and scale it gives this image…. A great challenge, I’ll play along later when I have some spare time….exercise first, then food shopping….my life is so mundane!

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  6. Ah, my favourite format – ‘portrait’. And your excellent examples demonstrate exactly why I tend to prefer it. There’s often so much more of an invitation to move into the scene, and discover, whereas with landscape you are very often there already 🙂

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  7. It does make a quite a difference. I love the sky in the portrait version and the feeling of actually walking down the street. Beautiful city. Will be back with mine soon!

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    • Lisa, I appreciate your comment. I wanted to tell you that I am very sorry I could not visit you as much as I would like to (I like your work and your personality, but I am under too much stress these past weeks, please forgive me).


      • Paula no apologies necessary- I too have found my days busy- I am not able to devote as much time as I would like to reading and commenting and writing. Life gets in the way
        of blogging! Be well my friend! ❤


    • Landscape is generally a preferred version, portrait works better just in some cases. Thank you kindly, Klara. I will look at it in a bit. Have a good day!


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    • Don’t worry, Brenda. I’ll see it in a couple of hours. Thank you very much and for your explanation too.


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  16. Lovely image(s). I prefer the portrait on this occasion because I like the way the line of bollards on the road lead you into the archway along with the people entering. Great capture. I shall see if I have anything worthy of entry for you. Here’s wishing you a stressless weekend 🙂

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    • P.S. Debbie, I am trying to access your site, but can’t :S. WordPress is giving me a hard time. Last week it happened with another blog. I will keep trying….


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