How do you feel about a headshot as theme for this week’s Black & White Sunday?


 ©Paula Borkovic

You know the drill: post a photo or more on today’s theme before next Sunday, link to this post and leave me your comment bellow.  I hope you’ll have fun posting your entries. Wish you all a very good week ahead!  



Have a look at the participating entries by clicking on the links bellow:


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  6. Dromedary or Bactrian it is hard to tell,
    With my nose to the screen it doesn’t even smell.

    From this angle, then, I would have to say,
    One Hump it is that wins the day.

    Smashing photo! And eyelashes to make any woman jealous. 😉

    Liked by 2 people

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    • Mike, thank you so much. I took a blog break this past weekend so am a bit late to see your cool shot. Love it, and I feel honoured that you took it specifically for this challenge.


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