What good is sight without vision. This little girl envisioned that she would be feeding swans with cornflakes at the nearby lake, and she did it.

©Paula Borkovic

The theme of this week’s Thursday’s Special photo challenge is VISION. Please post your entries before next Thursday, link to this challenge post and leave me your comments bellow. Wishing you all a clear sight and for your positive visions to come true. 


jupiter najnajnoviji

Please have a look at these entries:


  1. What a beautiful photo of childhood Paula. The shimmery water expresses a whole concept of “vision” larger than feeding swans.

    My verbal contribution: I’ve just read a collection of essays by a woman who became blind in her twenties, and who sees blindness as a gift (eventually: not when she first raged against it) enabling her to “see” in so many other ways, and live a life of total joie de vivre, which included carrying the a Olympic torch on one of its Australian legs in her seventies.

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    • Thank you for sharing that inspiring fact with us, Meg. Inspiring woman wasn’t she! Childhood is full of possibilities and dreams still. I’m grateful for your thoughtful analysis.


      • Mal. Ça va prendre beaucoup de temps. Hier soir ma fille était en pleurs, inconsolable. And I’m feeling helpless. There isn’t much we can do. 😦


          • Elle a 32 ans. Il en avait 33. pas d’enfants, mais ils étaient ensemble depuis six ans. Le mariage était prévu en Novembre. Mais surtout ils étaient tellement bien ensemble. Both very independent but symbiotic. Perfect for one another. Personnellement je ne m’en remets pas. Alors, elle? Combien de temps ça va lui prendre pour ne pas se réveiller en pleurant?
            Pardon. I overextended myself a bit. 🙂 And then I remembered a comment you made about the war. The war(s) that hit you and yours after the fall of Yugoslavia. Ça a dû être affreux aussi. Enfin, nous allons (ma femme et moi) à Paris Samedi. J’espère que ça nous changera les idées. Beijo amiga.


              • Obrigado. I know that. I also know that eventually it will all fade away. 🙂 I’m just tired of tragedies in the family and/or immediate circle. I think Paris will be good. Bjo tbm



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    • Thanks so much, Cee. It means a lot – to have a great review by you and to have you participate 🙂


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