It is time for another  PICK A WORD theme. Here are the words to choose from: 











 ©Paula Borkovic


I hope you’ve enjoyed my selection of words and images.  As usual for this theme, you can do one word, or more or all five. It’s up to you.

To join the Thursday’s Special photo challenge you are supposed to:

  • Make a photo post on today’s theme, before next Thursday.

  • Link to this challenge post, and tag your post #thursdaysspecial

  • Leave a comment under this post.

NOTE: When this post came out the comments were closed and it was not my doing, but a screw up of WordPress. I did not know about it, until I was notified through email by a very kind blogger. What I find odd and unsettling is that a few of you have noticed it being closed (you might have guessed that I am not responsible for that), and that you did not leave me a note under some other post or even as a reply to one of my comments on your blog. After so many years of running challenges here, I find this worrying.

Here come the links to participants’ entries:


      • Oh, Paula, thank you for your sweet wishes. I had a piece of dark chocolate too late into the day, it kept me awake for hours. I didn’t know when I fell asleep. But it’s been a good day. I’m leaving in one week from California to Portland Oregon for my daughter’s first baby delivery. She is due on 9/19!


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  5. I like the clouds in your last shot – almost as if they are emanating from that strange shell-like structure (which in itself is nice because of the mirrored image). And to top it of there is a sign that tells me I’m looking at a bridge. I like your Pick A Word challenge because it makes me look up old photos trying to match them with your words. In the end, I usually can’t decide which one to go for so I take all five:

    Liked by 1 person

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  7. Yesterday, when I tried to comment your comments were closed. I figured you’d fix that and just went ahead. I see you’ve found me, probably after this post? But I sent you a link anyway. One little click and everything goes kaput on WordPress!


    • Yes, a blogger sent me an email today about comments. Of course I haven’t done anything to close them. I wish more people took trouble to let me know after all these years of challenges only one person took trouble to inform me. Weird.


  8. Aaaagh! Bifurcated!

    First time I came across this word was in a Stephen Donaldson novel and he used it enough times it became irritating as hell!

    However, I shall grit my teeth and see what I can come up with!

    Your images are beautiful. I especially like the last one. The textures make it look almost like a painting.


  9. Sorry about the Closed Comment thing. As I am usually late to most parties I was unaware of the problem. If I had of noticed I would have immediately presumed you were watching the US open and didn’t want irritating bloggers disturbing your TV time.


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  13. Hi P – maybe folks thought it was closed temporarily ? oh I dunno….
    I liked the tempo and message in the song in today’s post “I won’t need no roof…. no walls…” so uplifting 🙂
    and from your photos, jagged is my fav.
    I will be back later to share my link


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  22. Fantastic pictures, Paula. Once again I find this challenge very original an creative 🙂


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