This year winter came late, but when it finally did, it hit us intensely with tons of snow and storm winds. Snow even appeared on the streets of Rome and Venice. I did not go south to capture it, but here is a scene from a small town nested amidst Italian mountains. I apologize to my  friends in the Southern hemisphere for this theme, but I hope they can find something to interpret it: it does not have to be a new photo, or a photo of a landscape/town scene. It can be a reminder of winter, sort of a memento. Whatever you choose as a subject, I very much look forward to seeing your interpretations.  Take your time posting. I will look at your entries next week. Wishing you all a happy Thursday!

In the Cold I’m Standing (also the title of the enclosed track)


jupiter najnajnoviji


  1. Bleak but romantic, Paula. It’s a lovely shot. I missed the worst of the weather, I’m not sorry to say, and am clinging to thoughts of blossom and blue skies. Have a good week, darlin, and look after yourself. 🙂 🙂


  2. I love the photo Paula. Almost fairy tale. Thanks for thinking of me and my lack of winter. My seasons are wet and dry. I shall try to find something or perhaps manufacture a wintry photo.
    Hope you are not freezing too much x


  3. Splendid photo, Paula! As it seems Winter hasn’ t gonne , yet. For next week , more snow and storms are expected here!


  4. Brrr, looks cold and very wintery yet also romantic. Here we’re still basking in summer temperatures even though we’re into Autumn. Stay warm over there Paula. x


  5. I’m agreeing with Jo and Brian – bleak yet with an air of romance. Something is about to happen or has just happened – a lone figure comes hurrying across the cobbles from the church…
    And we’re still wintry in Shropshire – snow flurries this morning. Enough, I say. Hope you are OK.


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  9. That is a truly elegant photograph. Those wonderful old buildings with snow looks so different. We got a storm last night and I shot a few pictures this morning, before i knew this would be the theme. These are all new, but they don’t look very different from the rest of my pictures of the same scenes. The house doesn’t move, at least not that I know of. I hope the next is pictures of spring and flowers!


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  16. Love this image! All my decent wintry images from the past are lost, I think…but I have a few less good ones around – I’ll hunt something out


  17. Hoping warm and sunny skies find you Paula. Here we have been advised to shovel snow away from the sides of our house as spring approaches. We have received 2-3 times the usual amount this year.



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  22. Absolutely charming, beautiful scene in your photo, Paula. May the harshest of winter weather be behind you now. Best, Babsje


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  24. I love your photo. I just returned from France and we had one day of snow while we were in Burgundy. Lovely to look at but a mess to drive in. The car couldn’t make it up the road along this field so we had to walk up to a castle we were on our way to visit. Thank goodness I wasn’t driving. 🙂

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  25. Beautiful. as always. I sometimes feel ashamed of the splendid sun here, while the rest of the world is freezing.
    Le printemps arrive bientôt.


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