THURSDAY’S SPECIAL: PICK A WORD IN JULY – Y3 (canicular, splash, feathered, marine, scenic)

You are wrong, if you think that I forgot about July’s Pick a Word challenge. I’ve just been too busy to see the last week’s entries, but I will get to that soon. For now, here is the July’s mix for you:  

















I wanted to keep things simple and easy these time, but I hope you’ll enjoy the challenge anyway. 

jupiter najnajnoviji

This is my last challenge before my summer break. Still so many things to finish before I manage to catch a breath. I’m planning to post a challenge again on 16 August. 

86 Comments on “THURSDAY’S SPECIAL: PICK A WORD IN JULY – Y3 (canicular, splash, feathered, marine, scenic)

    • Thank you very much, Marilyn. I’m taking a break now and will be back with a new challenge on 16 August.


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  3. Beautiful photos, I had to look up canicular (dog days of summer?) not a word I’d heard before. I like your “feathered” that would be a tough exposure to get properly and I think you have nailed it.


    • Hello Ann-Christine. I’m sorry it took so long to respond. This is Ponte di Legno, Italy. Thank you so much. I’m taking a break now till 16 August. xx


      • Thank you, Paula – wishing you a really wonderful break with good food, good friends and happy dancing!


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    • 🙂 I should think that there are no many chances of “canicular” in Sweden thankfully 🙂 Your post and examples are wonderful, Ann-Christine.


  5. These are amazing images…sharp, color, and composition. Canicular, a new word for my vocabulary.


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  7. Apparently I got this challenge all wrong as I used the words as prompts in a story, because I was not aware that I was supposed to post pictures.


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      • Kimmy I found this one hard too. From what I can work out Canicular relates to Sirius, alpha canis majoris, or the dog star. Canicular can therefore relate to this star but it also is used for dog days which are a time associated with Sirius’s rising in Summer where days were long, hot and sultry, drought was common, people languid. Too hot to do anything, a period of inactivity. So you could post anything to do with inactivity, heat, or little dogs – I think.

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  24. All these shots are magical but I cannot take my eyes off the waterfall and the photo of the rapids! Simply Beautiful. Life is good! 😁

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