Welcome to the April edition of “Pick a Word” photo challenge (now running for the fourth year) where you are supposed to post photos (a single photo or as many as you like) as a response to one (or more/or all) of the offered word(s) in the challenge.

The following choices is what I had in mind for April. I know that some of these words are tricky to interpret in images, but still I wanted it to be a real challenge. πŸ˜€Β 














jupiter najnajnoviji



This event was originally conceived as part of the Thursday’s Special photo challenge that also included three more recurrent (or not) photo themes per month but lately, due to the busy life I have only been posting this challenge once a month. Still, I am sure that this is not going to stay this way and that I will be able to go back to posting more themes more regularly some time soon. In the meantime, I hope you will enjoy the little that I have to offer.


*Images taken at the following locations:Β 

  1. Venice
  2. Dugi Otok, Croatia
  3. Somewhere in Brittany
  4. In Istria
  5. Portovenere, Italy

SCORE INFO: Sara perche ti amo, Ricchi e Poveri


  1. Brilliant! I love all of the images (and the words), Paula. I have fallen in love with the donkey. And that is a wonderful Venice image – very gentle light trails: I sense great patience in getting a shot like that. And thanks for the note on locations and music πŸ™‚

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  4. Great set of words and images, as ever, Paula! The Copy Cat is brilliant! And yo found a plague and a pestilence of flies…

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  9. Stunning shots as usual, Paula! The Venice shot is splendid, and how I adore the copycat! Mine I have used before, but that Madrid shot came in handy now as well. Wishing you a restful and lovely spring weekend!

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  13. Love your photos Paula. The little you offer is more than a little. This photo challenge gives us all a chance to see your wonderful photos, listen to a bit of music from your world and for us to share ourselves with you. This time the words were quite easy but I had a difficulty in finding something to surprise and perhaps amuse you. I look forward to you getting back to your usual self and the challenges of the past – perhaps something new to go with the new you?
    Here is my contribution, brian xx

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  17. Two real versions of London Bridge survive- one in the heart of London, England, the other in Arizona. Between them, I feel they cover most of your words this month, Paula (Resplendent, Alluring, Timeworn and even Copycat!).

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