After a few months’ break here I come with the Pick a Word challenge again. I appologize for not being here and not sending any notices about how I fell and bumped my knee and ribs, but I am back to normal now and am ready to see your past and new entries. Here is the choice for this month:  














image info:

1 – Just my experiment with a match

2 – Ponte degli Scalzi in Venice

3 – A beautiful bay of Portovenere in Italy

4 – Cows come in all colours

5 – Beautiful beach on Dugi Otok Island – Croatia


jupiter najnajnoviji


If these choices don’t inspire you to participate in the July’s Pick a Word challenge, maybe they will inspire you to look up some words or to pick a new travel destination. No need to rush with your submissions, you know that I like to take my time.



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  3. I’m glad that you are alright. I, too, had been thinking about you. — I don’t know which of your photos to comment on first, they are all superb. The bight looks like the door to a new world, the nuances of those clouds, that smoke, that haze, that water – very primordeal (there I can also use fancy words 😀 ). And that oh! so simple yet stunning burning match. But finally, that cow!! Well I’ve answered your cow, I think:
    PS: I love that you make me grab the dictionary and not only look up words but look up syonyms and translations to back it up!

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    • It just makes my heart warm how you described my photo from Portovenere – you are right – it’s almost like stepping into another world. I love sightseeing when the skies are moody and when there is no too much bright sunshine. It’s easier to walk and photograph, and boy, that part of the coast is really breathtaking! I love checking out synonyms too, but I have to do that in my job too. Thank you for your nice words and your company. I always appreciate it 🙂 🙂

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  7. What a happy surprise you are back, dear Paula! But Injured! Feeling a bit better though…I’m so glad. I will try some of your words, but they feel really difficult this time…I will have to look up more than one of them. Learning is always a treat!

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    • I will probably sound corny if I echo your words, but this is exactly how I feel about you and your presence in blogshpere. Thank you for everything. ❤


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  10. You have always had such wonderful talent. Thank you for sharing it with us. I don’t know what the song was about, but it fit nicely.


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