THURSDAY’S SPECIAL: Make a book cover

Hello everybody. This Thursday for Thursday’s Special photo challenge I would like to see your photos turned into book covers. My example shows Wall-E, a robot responsible for cleaning a waste-covered Earth. The story is set in the 29th century and is widely known as a movie, a clip from which I am also including bellow.


My photo is dedicated to

Wall-E (A Little Golden Book) Hardcover – May 13, 2008, by Vick-E.

If you want to participate in this photo challenge:

  • After you post your entry to this challenge link to my post and/or leave a link to yours in the comment section bellow
  • You may, but are not obligated to, take a widget underneath and display it on your post (blog)
  • The fact that I am using other people’s music by uploading it from my library does not mean that you have to do the same – I just like scores with my images
  • The deadline for this challenge is one month.

That would be all for now. The next challenge on this blog is scheduled for 1 October and is themed Pick a Word.

10 Comments on “THURSDAY’S SPECIAL: Make a book cover

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  2. What a challenge! I had immediate ideas – and then sat in front of my screen and keyboard and couldn’t make it work. I had immediately thought of the photo I ended up using, of a sculpture I have discovered only a few days ago, but the biggest problem was that the best photo was in landscape and for a book I needed a portrait format. I discarded the idea and went through files and files to find something suitable and ended up with the first photo and the first cover idea. I made two versions though, one cropping the photo to fit a book cover, the other one cropping in landscape but making it smaller and adding colour. The longer I compare, the less I know which one I prefer, so I leave both. … Ahh, and maybe I should add some information about the book. — I love your Wall-e cover. Very suitable for the subject.

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