Before I start challenging you with my Pick a Word photo challenge, let me wish you all a very happy and healthy year, less challenging in any way except well for blog challenges 😉

It is still fairly new and full of mistery so my first word choice for this month would be


To interpret it I chose a statue that I had captured in Funchal. It is a tribute to the wives of sailors that went to sea from that part of the city. The blindfolded female statue named “cabra cega” or blindman’s buff (as in the game) is a work of sculptor Sílvio Cró. Many have wondered why the sculptor chose this allegory for his tribute. My opinion is that the artist wanted to evoke the feeling of anxiety and despair that Madeiran women must have felt without knowing the fate of their men. Living with the feeling of uncertainty (not knowing) and faith (blind or not).


The second word is


Yes, I know that the first thing that would come to mind would be delinquency, but I was thinking of a happier image, like this one:


Let’s hope that this year will have some merits and end the pandemic and in that regard I am choosing the word


and I present you a statue of Gregory of Nin (Grgur Ninski in Croatian), medieval bishop of Nin who strongly opposed the pope and official circles of the Church and introduced the Croatian language n the religious services. 


And the last two words for your amuzement.

Can’t think of anyone more utilitarian than Ćumil of Bratislava:



and finally



Or what is the best way to seize the time?

I am glad to be able to post again and I look forward to your virtual company hoping that you have found my “sculptural” post challenging enough.



  1. I love your photos. What are the “rules” of your challenge? Is it something you do alone or want people to participate in? Not that I have any photos that would fit, at least I don’t think I do!


    • Hello Stine. Anyone can join in. About the words ….they can be interpreted in many ways. You can pick one word, or more, or all fives. There are no awards, and I don’t pick “the winner”. It is just something to have people join in. You can ask me anything. The fact that I posted pics of sculptures does not mean that it has to be sculptures.

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  3. Hello my dear Paula. I have done my post in a bit of a rush and not a whole lot of thought so I hope these are OK. Thanks for still doing Pick a Word, I have been doing these for a while and still is my all time favourite photo challenge. Hope you are well and doing OK love b 🤗💕

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  6. I love the photo of the sculpture of the manhole. Lots of fun! As is the playing child. Who am I kidding? I like all your photos. Great choice of words, again!

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