Welcome to the fifth issue of my photo and quote challenge called the Words of Wisdom that has been going on monthly since June. For this challenge you are supposed to write a quote either by someone famous, or your own and illustrate it in images taken by you. You can use proverbs, funny quotes, whatever you like – any quote on any subject to be illustrated through your photos.

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you don’t stop.

˜ Confucius


17 Comments on “WOW – WORDS OF WISDOM #5

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  2. Your snail photo made me gasp….it is fabulous.
    The photo and quote inspired me and I sort of copied your post, even used an eastern philosopher which was incidental.
    I hope you don’t mind xx

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  6. I found a wonderful quote of Nietzsche about autumn on the net. And then I tried to find the original in German. And as much as I looked, I couldn’t find it. So, either I suck at internet searches or it’s one of these things: a quote is attributed to somebody on the net and it is copied and pasted and nobody checks the source. I found another lovely quote by Galileo and it didn’t check out in two languages either. But it let me to a Galileo quote that I could use and it checked out.

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