Thursday’s Special: Adrenalin (response to guest challenge)


As you could have noticed there have been a few guest hosts on my blog recently. This month I have made an exception and I will make room for three guest challengers instead of the usual two per month (the same will happen in June cause of a very special challenger that will appear at the end of the month). So, here is my response to another photo challenge in colour – themed adrenalin. The host chose a photo of sky for his proposed theme. My photo is featuring a different view of the sky, but I am sure that you can find scenes that are evocative of adrenalin in many places. Go as free and wild as you want. I will be waiting for your responses.

May this Thursday bring you only good feelings!

P.S. After this Sunday there will be a week-long break on this blog due to my travels. This means that the next Thursday’s Special is scheduled for 21 May (see Scheduled Challenges page).




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Guest Challenge: Adrenalin






When you think of the word adrenalin, it’s tempting to immediately think of humans or animals, of sport or machines. But things you wouldn’t normally think of can have adrenalin too. Even the sky.