Thursday’s Special: Adrenalin (response to guest challenge)


As you could have noticed there have been a few guest hosts on my blog recently. This month I have made an exception and I will make room for three guest challengers instead of the usual two per month (the same will happen in June cause of a very special challenger that will appear at the end of the month). So, here is my response to another photo challenge in colour – themed adrenalin. The host chose a photo of sky for his proposed theme. My photo is featuring a different view of the sky, but I am sure that you can find scenes that are evocative of adrenalin in many places. Go as free and wild as you want. I will be waiting for your responses.

May this Thursday bring you only good feelings!

P.S. After this Sunday there will be a week-long break on this blog due to my travels. This means that the next Thursday’s Special is scheduled for 21 May (see Scheduled Challenges page).




More adrenaline photos:Β 

Adrenaline on the menu

Bungee Jumping

Yasur VolcanoΒ 



Momentarily Brave

The Wind Sweeps in Off the Sea

The Nights Watch

66 Comments on “Thursday’s Special: Adrenalin (response to guest challenge)

    • Why am I not surprised to hear you’ve been up there. I wonder in what country… probably somewhere in Spain – those mountains look just rugged enough to make your adrenalin high πŸ˜€ I

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  2. Have you got your own adrenaline pumping doing this, adventurous friend? At the moment mine is pumped by the custodianship of twins! I like the composition of your photo, and all the contrasts of line and colour. Enjoy your break in Portugal.


    • I bet it is. Do you have to chase after them a lot? Thank you for the good analysis and wishes, Meg.


    • Do you feel a surge of adrenaline watching the ocean? What a spectacular landscape, Suzanne!


      • Usually the calm sea releases endorphins for me but yesterday the wild wind and pounding seas definitely energised me in a rush of adrenalin. I love that you like my photo so much.


  3. And to follow the Red Arrows, you show a different kind of courage, with less speed, but much less control – and the sky as backdrop so wonderfully spacious.


    • I guess that less control means more adrenalin too. You have a poetic way of commenting. Thank you, Hilary πŸ™‚


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  5. I can imagine that I’d feel the adrenaline too in a situation like that. I think prefer staying on the ground and getting my adrenaline rush on the bike instead. I’ll see if I have something for this challenge later, I’m at work now and there was nothing suitable in my drafts folder…


    • πŸ™‚ when I was thinking about what to post for adrenalin I remembered all those board skaters you did a photo series on. That screams adrenalin (at least for me :D)


    • Hi Ron, how are you doing? From time to time I stop by to see if there is something new. I will spend a week in Portugal, mostly in Lisbon and where I can get from there within a day πŸ™‚ I remember you said you would be a guest photo challenger some time in July I think. Is that still on?


  6. Oh yes, adrenalin high all over the skies….great capture. Where were you? Also flying over and shooting, my friend? Double adrenaline prize!


  7. Wheeeeeee-eee. Nothing but sky beneath the feet. Great shot, Paula. And please have a lovely, well earned break. Looking forward to the pix.


    • πŸ˜€ I was thinking how cool it would be to see Draco’s photos taken from a paraglider πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰


    • Not for me either, but it was cool watching him flying above a warm sandy beach. Thank you for sharing bungee jumping with us, Klara. I’ll have to read that story on Wiki.


    • Imagine taking a photo from a paraglider πŸ˜€ I bet you would manage that, Phil πŸ™‚


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  9. Ciao, Paula!
    So che stai per partire: buona vacanza.
    (Sperando di non aver sbagliato ancora… ti invio il mio contributo al challenge .)
    La tua foto e’ bellissima e azzeccata, complimenti!!!


  10. nice take on adrenaline – and the circle item (fan) near the person gliding/flying give sit a carnival feel – maybe the red in the sail does too – but so nice and you caught them waving too –


  11. Love the shot, Paula! I have barely just touched down and was responding to Drake when I saw this. Are you away from this weekend? I’ll try and catch up with you in the next day or 3 but I’ve still got my dazed Polish head on πŸ™‚ Have a fabulous trip, and give my love to Portugal.


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