Goodbye Autumn!

It seems that autumn has bypassed us here this year.

If I hadn’t been to a magical Italian lake the first week of October, I wouldn’t have been able to shoot any coloured foliage. Now with 0 degrees Celsius almost freezing the ground outside, I have to say goodbye to autumn before even saying hello to it.

Here are some photos I took in Italy, a few glimpses of autumn that I miss. And here is the tune “Forever Autumn”




Autumn? Not quite here yet, I am afraid….

I hope to see some autumn colours in this town in a few weeks, that is if the torrential rain that has been falling since Thursday does not sweep all the leaves off the branches or leaves them rotten.

However,  I’ve noticed one unmistakable sign of Autumn: pumpkins 😀

I can’t carve them, I can’t cook them, but I hope I know how to photograph them.

Here is a bonus track for you by Smashing Pumpkins: Hope