It’s part of many traditions to light candles in December.

Even though I don’t need a special reason to light a candle, this one was lit on purpose as the second Advent  candle which symbolises peace.

With holidays approaching I am sure you’ll be able to find some traditions and share them in images. I look forward to seeing them and I wish you all a peaceful Thursday and a peaceful end of the year.


jupiter najnajnoviji


Black & White Sunday: Wish

Say goodbye to this year, and make room for some new wishes and new memories in 2015!



svijeca b&w_nova

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P.S. The next Black & White Sunday is on the 4th January with the theme: Architecture. See more on Scheduled Challenges page.


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Peace and good will to all men!



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All Saints’ Day

The first day of November known as All Saint’s Day is a national holiday in many historically Catholic countries. In Croatia as well as in Austria, Catholic parts of Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Sweden people do not carve pumpkins or wear ghostly costumes, instead they light candles on the graves of deceased relatives.


Hope to the world

Hope to the world