It’s part of many traditions to light candles in December.

Even though I don’t need a special reason to light a candle, this one was lit on purpose as the second Advent  candle which symbolises peace.

With holidays approaching I am sure you’ll be able to find some traditions and share them in images. I look forward to seeing them and I wish you all a peaceful Thursday and a peaceful end of the year.


jupiter najnajnoviji


Every Victory Counts

Being the first month of the year, January can’t be all that bad; after all the year is still young and promising no matter how strange the results of parliamentarian elections turned out to be, or how deranged the bosses in my company became trying to hold on to their jobs. This month has dealt me some crazy cards and after throwing madly the first deck into a wall causing almost a terrible smash I did what had to be done…. I finished my part of the job before anyone else on the team and before the deadline which is not surprising knowing that I had to put my blog on hold for two weeks to be able to endure a daily (weekends included) 12 hour work schedule with a sore arm.

This month I sold the one-off rights for the use of one of my photographs. I never meant to sell any of my photographic works, but how could have I refused a luxury international clothing brand that offered a generous and flattering amount to be able to print my photo in 100 copies as invites for an exclusive fashion show in London. This has finally made me change the copyright notice on my blog in which I used to allow people to share freely the contents I publish here. This will no longer be possible without discussing licensing.

This month has also given me a better vision and I think I can finally see some people for who they really are: this goes for (some of) my family, (a few) co-workers, but certain bloggers too. It was about time I stopped giving some people too much (or too little) credit. The most valuable lessons in life are painful and January has been very educational in that respect.

From the New Year’s celebration through some rough times, dealing with health issues and an impossible workload I still managed to live to see the end of the month still not crippled from all the translating and running to meetings, and now I am away in another country celebrating my birthday weekend.

This may very well be the longest piece of read from me for a while; you know that I usually confine myself to a single photo and paragraph, but it is my birthday and you are supposed to humour me 😉


Celebrate every victory you have fought for and pat yourself on the back even if everyone else fails to do it.
– my quote


This is my entry for Cardinal Guzman’s clever new challenge the details of which you can find here.

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One of the saddest news this month was the passing of David Bowie. More than any of the greats that I listened to, Bowie seemed out of this world. Wherever he might have come from, I hope he is now where he truly belongs. May God’s love be with you, Duke!