You are wrong if you think that I forgot about the Traces of the Past photo challenge. I am a day late, but here it is – Traces of the Past in colour this time. 

With the largest square in Italy and one of the largest in Europe, and its many narrow alleys and canals Padua revealed its hidden beauty to me on a beautiful night walk. 



Take your time deciding what you are going to post for this photo challenge. As always you are completely free in your choice. I will be back next week to look at your entries. 


jupiter najnajnoviji


How do you feel about JUXTAPOSITION as a photo challenge theme?  You like it? If so, you are in luck cause it is today’s theme. The deadline is next Wednesday. Wishing you all a great Thursday!

©Paula Borkovic

You already know the rules of this challenge, but just in case: 

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The theme of today’s challenge is FOCUS. We all want our images to be tack sharp and in focus, but there are situations when we prefer to have some parts of the image in blur i.e. out of focus to better isolate the subject we want to focus on (pun intended).  This technique is called selective focus and this is what I did in the image bellow. I focused on a single, though repetitive, element that goes on through most of the frame and seems to repeat itself in unfocused specular highlights in the background. The image shows an iconic view of the capital city of Slovenia, and I thought it would be neat to give just a hint of it.

Selective focusing is particularly interesting in macro photography, portraiture and in images with repetitive patterns and it makes photography more creative.  Now it is up to you…. whether you choose to have all the elements in your photo in focus, or to apply a selective focus or even an alternative approach to the theme like capturing a focused person or animal, I very much look forward to seeing your entries. Have a great Thursday!


©Paula Borkovic

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  • Make a photo post post on today’s theme, before next Thursday.

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Black & White Sunday: City




If you want to join my Black and White Sunday, feel free to grab the widget bellow and post a photo (or several of them) for this or some other theme of your choice. Just make sure it is black & white and link it to this post.




It is the last day of November today and I have an early Christmas gift for all those interested in taking part in B&W Sunday and Thursday’s Special and following the theme. You are of course aware that theme is optional (you can go with your own theme ALWAYS).

Since both Christmas and the New Year fall on a Thursday, we’ll skip these two dates. Here is the schedule of posts with the corresponding themes for this December: 

2014/12/4  –   Young (Thursday’s Special)

2014/12/7  –    Panorama (Black &White Sunday)

2014/12/11 –   Imperfection (Thursday’s Special)

2014/12/14 –  Flow (Black & White Sunday)

2014/12/18 –  Sunset (Thursday’s Special)

2014/12/21 –  Night (Black & White Sunday)

2014/12/28 – Wish (Black & White Sunday)


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SUNDAY POST: Surrounded

Ages ago a city vanished under the raging lava to be uncovered 17 centuries later and shown to the world. The dead city with so many traces of life remains as a reminder of once advanced civilisation.

In the middle of the yard of an anonymous house surrounded by ancient columns stands a tree, the subject of my take on the  Sunday post challenge.

Listen to Rodrigo Leao’s Vita brevis (as in Ars longa, vita brevis – or in my interpretation of Pompeii “Lives were extinguished, but art lives on”) 


I should mention here my love/hate relationship with cities, particularly with the one I inhabit. It is Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, a bustling town covering an area of 3,719 km2 with a population of over 1,200,000. Yet, as so many others it has its good sides.

What attracts us to cities? Is it friends, family, good schools, jobs, culture, entertainment, the dread of commuting, promise of a better life? All these reasons are valid to me, and though I get tired of all the hustle and bustle, I don’t see myself living permanently anywhere else…

Have a look at the cityscape I took on my morning walk. The enclosed music is by my favourite band Yello (Till Tomorrow).