You are wrong if you think that I forgot about the Traces of the Past photo challenge. I am a day late, but here it is – Traces of the Past in colour this time. 

With the largest square in Italy and one of the largest in Europe, and its many narrow alleys and canals Padua revealed its hidden beauty to me on a beautiful night walk. 



Take your time deciding what you are going to post for this photo challenge. As always you are completely free in your choice. I will be back next week to look at your entries. 


jupiter najnajnoviji


  1. Fabulous! And so worth the wait. 🙂 🙂 I’m off on a brief visit to Poland on Sunday and then flitting about for most of June. Not all going to plan but I’ll try to stay in touch. Hugs, darlin!


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  3. Looks like a peaceful and lovely walk! To Padua I have never been. Love the light and the sound of quietness.


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  7. Oh, whoopee! Lovely Traces of the Past, Paula, and I’m off to hunt out something suitable


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  10. What a beautiful shot Paula and it looks like a wonderful place for an evening walk :o)


  11. I can’t compete with the magnificence of your photographs, but I think you’ll like it anyway. I need to win the lottery so I can buy a new camera, travel overseas and take pictures!


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  17. A lovely shot of Padua, Paula. Makes me want to return right now!
    I have a little-known Trace from London’s Past… Macclesfield Bridge had to be reconstructed after the original blew up!


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