You are wrong if you think that I forgot about the Traces of the Past photo challenge. I am a day late, but here it is – Traces of the Past in colour this time. 

With the largest square in Italy and one of the largest in Europe, and its many narrow alleys and canals Padua revealed its hidden beauty to me on a beautiful night walk. 



Take your time deciding what you are going to post for this photo challenge. As always you are completely free in your choice. I will be back next week to look at your entries. 


jupiter najnajnoviji

Thursday’s Special: Nocturnal

belem kula u noci siroki-1_scale_potpis


About Thursday’s Special: it is a colour photo challenge that takes place on Thursdays. Concrete themes are provided and announced well in advance. See the Scheduled Challenges page. You are supposed to make a post on the given theme (today it is nocturnal), link to this post, and leave your links in the comment section bellow. The deadline is Tuesday 13 September.

jupiter najnajnoviji


Last Thursday the theme was: Eyes or more narrowly eye contact, but I decided against posting the poll for the best entry, because it would not be fair to compare the eye of a child with that of a deer or a cat, or the eye of the Eiffel Tower. I would like you to see them all however, if you haven’t done that already. Here are the links.


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Thursday’s Special: Night Photography (Response to Guest Challenge)

On this link you will find today’s challenger and learn more (unless you know it already) about shooting in the dark 😀

I like having people around, and Cardinal Guzman is a regular around here. So, give his challenge some thought and effort and leave me your links.



The above photo is from a very nice night walk I took at the end of January. One person (at least) among you is bound to recognise the place.

Happy Thursday!



Here is the list and links to the participating posts:


Thursday’s Special: Choice (Response to Guest Challenge)


Choices we make don’t always take us on a straight path. – P.B.


glowing lines_cetvrta-1_potpis


Today’s challenge comes from a talented and versatile photo enthusiast Klara Bach. In her guest post and through her thoughtfully captured travel photos Klara has shown us a few life-changing choices.

In my response to this challenge, I decided to go with an allegoric interpretation of “choices” summed up in a single photo. Whichever way you decide to go, with a single photo or several, I’ll be happy to link to your posts and showcase your work on this page.  Don’t forget to read Klara’s guest post, and please join us with some choices of your own.

P.S. See the scheduled challenges page for the list of upcoming attractions. 

The enclosed Italian song translates as “I choose me”. Give it a listen, if you have a minute or two. Happy Thursday!





Let’s see the choices that others had to make:

Thursday’s Special: Of the night

This night scene is the first photo I took on my trip to Italy this month. The historic centre of Bologna was welcoming and the rain did not spoil the excitement of discovering a new location. Freshly bathed streets were glistening, and the light coming from the old towers gave the whole square a golden reflection.


san petronio_bologna

The church in the photo is San Petronio. I loved the way it looked on that rainy night, so I visited it the following morning, but could not take any inside photos (and not for the lack of trying!!).

If  you are curious to see more pictures from my walk in Bologna, make sure to come back next week 😉

For those who want to take part in my non-challenge Thursday’s Special, please post a photo/s taken at night-time (or any other time of day, since you are not bound by a theme) and link it to this post. More information on this non-challenge can be found in the original post. A click on the bellow widget will take you to the previous TS entries and links.




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