Weekly Photo Challenge: DREAMING

The good thing is that I can’t take photos of some of the nightmares I have been having recently…. that would scare the bunch of you off my blog :D…so instead I am presenting you a dream come true, a dream of a distant land, a remote village nestled at the bottom of a high mountain I had been dreaming of visiting for years and finally managed to do it this past holiday.

It is not a photo taken by me, but it is my dream 🙂


Weekly Photo Challenge: CREATE (revised edition)

I am not much of a crafts person, but still some months ago I came up with a creation for the purposes of two subjects weekly challenge theme. For those interested in my crafts abilities I suggest to check out the link  Two Subjects.

This time I am not feeling particularly creative and as we all know you can’t force art, so I decided on a different take on “create” as in “create a mess”, and I am presenting you my feathery neighbour creating a mess on my balcony. I have been told that we all have problems with neighbours, but this one is really giving me headaches.



Weekly Photo Challenge: BLUE

I might have got carried away here by posting several photos, all taken in the Alps that seems my favourite place to be… up in the air, closer to the skies one gets a different perspective on life. I don’t think these photos are something to be admired by photographic professionals, but they are my memories, and looking at them makes me smile.