Weekly Photo Challenge: DREAMING

The good thing is that I can’t take photos of some of the nightmares I have been having recently…. that would scare the bunch of you off my blog :D…so instead I am presenting you a dream come true, a dream of a distant land, a remote village nestled at the bottom of a high mountain I had been dreaming of visiting for years and finally managed to do it this past holiday.

It is not a photo taken by me, but it is my dream 🙂


27 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: DREAMING

  1. What a view! I’m glad one of your dreams has come true, looks like it was a good one too. Looking forward to the photos taken by you, not just the ones with you in them. I would have been so taken with the scene I’m not sure I would have been able to settle down to frame a shot. 😀


    • Thanks Jeffo… I took the header pic you are now looking at with hubby’s cam, but he had to stich it 😀


        • 😀 and I have a special surprise for you (I will post it one of these days), something I took without tripod on my poorly explored PowerShot using hubby’s broad shoulder as an IS 😀


  2. Wonderful shots, both the head and the lovely lady enjoying the beautiful view… 😉

    Hiking, for example in the Alps or Pyrenees, that’s balm for the soul – enjoy myself that kind of trips 1-2 times a year – no need for funny tobacco, alcohol. religion or psychiatrists to me… ‘hahaha’


    • 😀 I never liked funny tobacco :D, and psychiatrists are just quacks :D, religion is something imposed on us, if we let it…. faith is the other thing, and it should be welcome in our lives, and as for alcohol … there are some delicious herbal liqueurs I can’t resist after long hikes 😉 Thank you Drake my friend for lovely comments, and especially for bringing me some smiles and laughs 🙂


    • Thanks CG :). You know he does the stitching. I hope that some day I will find the patience to do it myself :). Did you like my cow photo too? That one was all me 😀


    • Actually, the village I was looking at from my balcony is a lot cuter… I will show it to you later, if you like 😀 or you can stay tuned for more uploads. I loved seeing your pic with your dad. It could have been a great contribution for “valuable” Sunday post. Take care girl!


  3. Beautiful dream Paula! And the header is stunning! Look forward to seeing the rest of your vacation pics.


    • Thank you Marc really, but I thought you were more into music than writing ;). I also post music with each post to accompany photos, but it is others’ musics, I am not a tallent like you. As for writing I find it a bit too challenging, though I have always had a need to express myself. At the moment my major interest here is publishing photos not that I am aspiring to be a great photographer… my only aim is to take pics that I can be happy with … and I am still not happy, but I am trying 🙂 Well, a lie – I am very happy with my header shots 😀


  4. I am glad that your dream came true Paula. This photograph and the place both are really beautiful. I hope you will post few more pictures of this beautiful place. Great post Paula. 🙂


  5. Hi its my first visit! Yes the picture is very beautiful and the view ever so calming!
    Thanks for sharing.


  6. Really glad one of your dreams has come true!
    The photograph is absolutely beautiful, both in the post and the header! Really gorgeous landscapes.


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