The greatest resource this Earth still holds is transient, isn’t it.


Recently, Jo told me that she would be happy to visit some of Croatian waterfalls. This one is for her. Please join her (if you haven’t already) for her walk around lovely Llandudno.

Prompted by weekly photo challenge: transient.


Wouldn’t be nice to have all of one’s ducks or at least matches in a row? Not very feasible except in my photography. I need some peaceable time after my crazy week and wish all visitors the same.


©Paula Borkovic

Prompted by B. Huberman’s order.




©Paula Borkovic 


These gondoliers are  for Jo, our restless walker, to remind her to take a load off her feet once in while  and for the weekly photo challenge theme: friend.


I like walking at dusk and after the dusk to see how different places look under artificial lights. Here are two captures of the same scene, one with and one without a passing tram.



Ball reflecting the new building of music academy with the building of Croatian National Theatre in the background

©Paula Borkovic 


I thought it would be a good idea to take Jo for a night walk through the centre of Zagreb. This is linked to her Monday Walk, but also to EVANESCENT weekly photo theme.

Also related to Cardinal Guzman’s Changing Seasons in May.


Roberto Cacciapaglia: “I composed “Canone degli Spazi” around essential elements – the harmony of the triads, the melodic repetition and the cycles that follow the orbits of the planets and the structure of harmonics – the very same rules that Pythagoras followed to make the laws of the Universe coincide. Sound can help us realize that the space inside us is as vast as the space outside and that in reality there is no difference between them. Sound travels through walls – the walls of the mind too – transcending both time and space. Enjoy listening.”


©Paula Borkovic

Published in response to Jo’s Monday Walk and Weekly Photo Challenge themed Reflecting.

Viewer Discretion Advised



©Paula Borkovic

In response to weekly photo challenge DANGER


Friable terrain in some parts of the Earth where climate is marked by alternating periods of torrential rain and drought gets increasingly eroded which gives rise to wonderful earth pyramids.  

ritten piramide druge-1_potpis_scale

earth pyramids, Oberbozen

 ©Paula Borkovic


I remember showing a photo of this site to someone from work (we usually employ smart people there) and she said that these structures must have been put there by extraterrestrial beings and that they weren’t nature-made. When she saw a shocked expression on my face she went on explaining: “look how some columns have hats and others don’t”. Still shocked, I kept listening to her (being too well-bred to throw her out of my office) when she elaborated on a big conspiracy why some such columns – she doubted the material they were made of, were covered (to be protected in her words), and others were not.

She eventually left, but from that time on whenever I look at my or others’ pictures of erosion pyramids I can’t help remembering the talk I had with the fool who maybe just wanted to poop on my party. 

P.S. Don’t be fooled by the choice of music. My photos always follow the set theme, but the music I choose just reflects my current mood and taste. This photo was captured in Ritten, South Tyrol, and not in Turkey as the tune might suggest, which coincidentally abounds in wonderful natural phenomena such as earth pyramids.

This week the theme over at weekly photo challenge says: EARTH. This is my contribution.

Also check out Erosions of Bolnuevo.


Sometimes my walks make me discover the oddest things. I was surprised to find this quirky planting pot at some 1,883 m altitude in the Italian Alps.


©Paula Borkovic

Big thanks to Jo for showing us always the most inviting places, and for allowing me to share the entry with weekly photo challenge: Surprise.



No fear on the streets of Venice….


Guardians of our security


Watching us closely


always at the ready

©Paula Borkovic


In response to  weekly photo challenge: Security .



In case you were wondering what I had been up to this March,  the bellow photo sums it up :


Wandering the narrow alleys and book shopping in Venice

In response to  weekly photo challenge: Dense and Cardinal Guzman’s Changing Seasons.




©Paula Borkovic


Maybe this little fellow will find his way to Jo’s Monday walk . This is also my offering for the weekly photo challenge: GREEN.