Friable terrain in some parts of the Earth where climate is marked by alternating periods of torrential rain and drought gets increasingly eroded which gives rise to wonderful earth pyramids.  

ritten piramide druge-1_potpis_scale

earth pyramids, Oberbozen

 ©Paula Borkovic


I remember showing a photo of this site to someone from work (we usually employ smart people there) and she said that these structures must have been put there by extraterrestrial beings and that they weren’t nature-made. When she saw a shocked expression on my face she went on explaining: “look how some columns have hats and others don’t”. Still shocked, I kept listening to her (being too well-bred to throw her out of my office) when she elaborated on a big conspiracy why some such columns – she doubted the material they were made of, were covered (to be protected in her words), and others were not.

She eventually left, but from that time on whenever I look at my or others’ pictures of erosion pyramids I can’t help remembering the talk I had with the fool who maybe just wanted to poop on my party. 

P.S. Don’t be fooled by the choice of music. My photos always follow the set theme, but the music I choose just reflects my current mood and taste. This photo was captured in Ritten, South Tyrol, and not in Turkey as the tune might suggest, which coincidentally abounds in wonderful natural phenomena such as earth pyramids.

This week the theme over at weekly photo challenge says: EARTH. This is my contribution.

Also check out Erosions of Bolnuevo.


    • Of course it is. It’s silly that the said conversation has upset me so much that I keep remembering it years later. I really dislike narrow-minded people closed in their own “not so healthy” worlds. Thank you for listening 🙂


      • ha.. i remember mentioning one night that the moon should be rising.. and someone said, ‘isn’t it always up there?’

        someone passed along a Ram Dass quote that states, ‘ treat everyone you meet like God in drag.’ … and that helps me so much.. i say to myself, “God in drag, God in drag, God in drag…” and find myself smiling when otherwise i’d be scowling!


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  3. Startling and delightful outcrops of nature. What an appalling conversation you report. I used to work in a research unit in Cambridge (UK) and a new research assistant joined us, who was a convinced creationist. She had a science degree, but during a time when she was very unhappy she had been befriended by evangelical Christians and their version of evolution trumped all her learning up to that date. I remain baffled.

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