Depth of Field

For lack of a literal interpretation of depth, which I would love to have been able to supply, I have to go with the depth of field for this challenge…




Let’s see what other bloggers have entered for Depth.

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pas i ovca_boja

You might have seen this same photo before in black & white, and I’m sorry for showing you the same scene again, but I don’t have a better representative of the depth of field usage among my photos.  Anyway, sometimes a conversion of coloured to b&w makes a tremendous change, and it can’t be considered as the same picture, can it? The pic shows my toys that are not just collecting dust. As you can see, I do play with them quite often 😀

Wish you all a pleasant weekend, and to stay focused only on the good stuff!

P.S. Click on the player above to enjoy Moby’s “Slipping Away” song.

P.S.S. I must be really tired, I’ve just realised it is not the same pic at all, the hell it is not the same lens :D. Well, at least I am not repeating myself 😉