Depth of Field

For lack of a literal interpretation of depth, which I would love to have been able to supply, I have to go with the depthย of field for this challenge…




Let’s see what other bloggers have entered for Depth.

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41 Comments on “Depth of Field

  1. bon exemple Paula cette perspective en fait tout ligne qui fuit vers l’infini montre bien l’effet de nettetรฉ qui s’attรฉnue vers le lointain c’est trรจs dรฉmonstratif


  2. Another interesting Paula-perspective. Not only receding, but patterned as well. Depth of field is an ongoing photographic challenge for me. Thanks for the reminder to do something about it!


  3. I was immediately thinking about depth of field too when I saw thje challenge, but I didn’t have any typical DoF photos in my drafts folder. It’s a nice shot for the challenge Paula and a good example of Dof.


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  5. Paula this really appeals to me. As we are learning more about photography we have been trying some of this type of perspective which I think is really effective. Thank you for this photo which will definitely be staying with me as we wander on our adventures. ๐Ÿ™‚


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  7. The eye is led into the distance. Nice use of depth of field. I haven’t seen the challenge but I would guess there were a lot of this type of photo.


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