SLOW is my choice for today’s photo challenge. When I first came up with the idea I thought of slow shutter speed (i.e. long-exposure photography), but then I decided to be less specific knowing that not everybody is equipped for long exposure photography, and the theme is just SLOW. You may show slow way of life (idleness), or any other kind of slow you can think of, or you can just be slow in posting your entries cause this time, due to my holidays, you have three weeks to publish your responses. The deadline is 9 August. 



P.S. I am on holidays as of tomorrow and will not be able to look at your entries before 7 August. Keep well, and see you all very soon!


jupiter najnajnoviji


Please have a look at these wonderful entries to the challenge:

Thursday’s Special: Dusk

Dusk is that magical part of the day when things you don’t want to see are hidden and the faint light in the sky makes you want to hold to it for ever.



(click on the photo to zoom in, to see it in accurate colours and contrasts)

Welcome to the first Thursday’s Special in 2015 with the theme “dusk”. As always you are allowed to enter my non-challenge with posts out of the theme. Please check out the Scheduled Challenges page on the menu bar to see all upcoming events with set themes and dates.

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Please click on the titles above the following images to visit the blogs with contributing posts: 

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 Thursday’s Special: Dusk

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Linda’s Dusk

Weekly Photo Challenge: GOLDEN HOUR

Now, this is a broad subject; as far as I know it can happen at sunrise or at sunset. The attached photo happened just before the dusk on Amalfi coast.

As much as I would love to go out now in search of a “perfect” photo I cannot, as I am busy packing for my 2-week holiday.

I wish I could spend some time viewing your blogs and answering your comments and commenting on yours, but it will have to wait till I come back. Believe me, this is the most needed holiday ever – both hubby and I are faced with job insecurity on our way back home, and though I’d be happy if I could say I am glad that Croatia has finally joined EU, I have to admit – I hate my new country.

The bellow photo was taken two years ago  – since then my knowledge and understanding of photography has changed and it would not look quite the same now 😉