Thursday’s Special: Dusk

Dusk is that magical part of the day when things you don’t want to see are hidden and the faint light in the sky makes you want to hold to it for ever.



(click on the photo to zoom in, to see it in accurate colours and contrasts)

Welcome to the first Thursday’s Special in 2015 with the theme “dusk”. As always you are allowed to enter my non-challenge with posts out of the theme. Please check out the Scheduled Challenges page on the menu bar to see all upcoming events with set themes and dates.

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 Thursday’s Special: Dusk

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76 Comments on “Thursday’s Special: Dusk

  1. Under your inspiration, 2015 is the year I begin to move into the photographic world of dusk and night. I love the way you’ve captured mystery and disappearance in both words and that lovely limited palette.


  2. This is a stunning photo Paula. I would love to be there at this moment – especially far away from the biting cold we have had here today.


  3. Wonderful photo! A wonderful sky, and good framing in the foreground with the tree and bushes. Lovely work!

    Kind regards,


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  5. Loving the tranquil music too. I was peering so hard across the lake, trying to make out the details on the far shore as I listened 🙂 They are erecting scaffolding on the house next door- not at ALL tranquil 😦 Which lake is it, Paula? What a beautiful composition!


    • Morning Jo. I hope the workers did not wake you up 😦
      This is Štrbske Pleso in Slovakia, taken last July 🙂 Thank you for your review. I am happy to hear you like it. The little white building in the background is the hotel where we stayed.


      • They didn’t but I had a moment of panic when I thought they had come to tow away my son’s car! (long story 🙂 ) Gorgeous spot to stay!


  6. Such a sense of gathering tranquillity – which is rather a paradox. But the clouds give a sense of movement/travelling above the stillness below. Lovely shot, Paula.


    • I pondered on this comment for a while Tish. When I first saw this view I could not decide between tranquility and drama. 🙂


  7. Such a beautiful description Paula and the most amazing capture as well. I love it. 😀 ♥


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    • Thanks again Tish 🙂 What a treat to share your private view with us. I loved the description that came with your photo too. Really appreciate having you here 🙂


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    • I am humbled before this wonderful comment. So many writers on my blog today- it is a sign – I should read more 🙂 Thank you, dear Hilary.


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