Reason for Rainbows (or rainbow flowers)

This week the WordPress photo challenger is Lignum Draco. He is showcasing a series of photos from the Vivid Festival of Sydney, but allows us to interpret the “vivid” theme the way we like. The only condition is to have fun.

Here follows my choice for today along with some vivid music. Have a fun Friday everybody!

flower rainbow-potpis_rgb


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…. and I thought I did not like Spring

I thought I did not like Spring very much with all its intensity and the air saturated with heavy scent of so many blossoming trees, but today after so many years I entered the botanical garden in my town and I was mesmerized with its beauty and colours.

Here is a sneak peek….



The circle of life is an ongoing process.


zumbul suhi -1


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Weekly Photo Challenge: INSIDE

Inside the flower visiting a man’s house… (FYI the stamens in a flower are collectively called the androecium which comes from Greek andros oikia: man’s house :O)



An inside job

Spring flowers

Today I took forĀ  a walk my new Canon PowerShot G1 x and I am not showing off here.. I just want to share my frustration about the lack of software to edit my raw pics, so for the time being I am only taking auto mode shots. Are they any good? You’ll be the judge!