Seduced by Italy

With winter coming and not many days of holiday left I will have to put off all my travels till next year. In the meantime I can either make some long-term travel plans or remember my past trips.

Here is a selection of snapshots from the most picturesque little lake in northern Italy. It is called Orta and it is situated at about 88 km from Milan. A few summers ago I spent a week there in a beautiful villa overlooking lush gardens and a quaint islet of San Giulio.



We all have our entrances and our exits.





The scene was shot at the beautiful Italian town Orta San Giulio situated on the shores of the lake by the same name.

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Something keeps calling me to Italian lakes over and over again, and it shall be one of my goals for this summer. Hopeful to discover more places like Orta San Giulio I am enclosing a photo I took two summers ago.


isola san giulio -4

Thank you Jake for making us think of our goals or in my case dreams ;). I’ve just realised this is my 100th post 🙂 I hope it is milestone-worthy.