Thursday’s Special: Here and There

It is physically impossible to be in two places at one time, unless it is in our imagination, but maybe photography can help us bridge that impasse. “Here and there” is your theme for today, but do not fret. The deadline is Tuesday, 21 June.

Last Thursday the challenge was traces of the past, and as of yesterday you have the opportunity to vote for the best entry.




jupiter najnajnoviji


P.S. For newbies – if you are interested in participating in Thursday’s Special photo challenge, you should publish a post with a photo (or several photos) having in mind the given theme, link that post to this one and leave me a note in the comments section. 

PPS: To see what other themes and posts are coming go to Scheduled challenges page.


Here come the links to participants’ entries:

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Thursday’s Special: Park

After last week’s challenging theme inflated to which you responded with brilliant interpretations, this week’s theme does not seem like a challenge at all. Spring is probably the time of year when we go to parks most, so here it is – an ordinary park with ordinary park population.

Now, let me have a look at the parks that you visit. For those living in the southern hemisphere – parks are very beautiful in autumn too 😉

Before I go, I’d like to thank you all for voting for the last week’s entries. The most votes went to Jude from  For my part, I want to congratulate all the participants. I loved your imaginative and creative entries and you are all winners in my eyes 🙂 . 



P.S. I will stick with this idea of voting for some time still to see if it will get more people interested, and yield more logical voting results. For now, I have to say I agree with Tobias’s comment on the “Voting time” post. 

I’ll be away on business till Saturday, but will look at your entries for this new challenge when I come back. Enjoy your Thursday!


jupiter najnajnoviji

Check out the entries for this challenge:


Changing Seasons 05

For the fifth month in a row I have the pleasure of participating in the photo challenge run by Cardinal Guzman. He suggested we should go to the same location every month this year and capture all the seasonal changes. When I agreed to participate I had no idea how much I would enjoy going to this park over and over again. I give you Maksimir – Zagreb – TAKE 5.


 For a more authentic experience of this park and old Zagreb, please click on the player button: