SUNDAY POST: People (are strange)

I entitled the below photo “A watchful eye lurking for a giving hand at the entrance of a church ….“

It took me many years to get rid of the habbit of emptying my pockets every time I saw a beggar. It is symptomatic that they are always strategically located at the entrance of churches, taking advantage of the “faithfull“ in despair to redeem their soul ….

The Latin inscription above the door is from Gospel according to Saint John (X, 29): “Ego sum ostium per me si quis introierit salvabitur” (I am the door. By me if any man enter in, he shall be saved)…. And on his way out, he shall meet beggars – this part is not in Gospel – I am not trying to offend anybody here, and I was raised to always help the needy, but I don’t care for impostors, liars, and people taking advantage of others – scammers in short…. People are strange, or may seem strange… Listen to the attached song People are Strange (The Doors) 


Saturday morning … time to get up, and go to the market.

September is bursting with colours. Everybody is here, buying goodies for the week to come. People are rushing in all directions, most of them having breakfast, just purchased at the local bakery, while stuffing their bags with fruits and veggies… and I am clicking and clicking …..

I can’t resist those colours and smells of early autumn… Now, how will I explain why I haven’t brought any groceries home ;).


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