SUNDAY POST: People (are strange)

I entitled the below photo “A watchful eye lurking for a giving hand at the entrance of a church ….“

It took me many years to get rid of the habbit of emptying my pockets every time I saw a beggar. It is symptomatic that they are always strategically located at the entrance of churches, taking advantage of the “faithfull“ in despair to redeem their soul ….

The Latin inscription above the door is from Gospel according to Saint John (X, 29): “Ego sum ostium per me si quis introierit salvabitur” (I am the door. By me if any man enter in, he shall be saved)…. And on his way out, he shall meet beggars – this part is not in Gospel – I am not trying to offend anybody here, and I was raised to always help the needy, but I don’t care for impostors, liars, and people taking advantage of others – scammers in short…. People are strange, or may seem strange… Listen to the attached song People are Strange (The Doors) 

62 Comments on “SUNDAY POST: People (are strange)

  1. To separate the shams from the really needy is not always easy. It must be horrible to be desperate, not seeing any ways of making money, no chance for a job, watching your loved ones getting sick and suffering. But like you, I have no compassion for the scam ‘artists’, whose only goal in life is to rob people. Hands off!

    And now to your photo. It is sober and I love it. People.


  2. I do like that photo Paula, and your processing is top notch. Your skill behind the camera, and in the “digital darkroom” has grown by leaps and bounds. I think the talent and skill of a true photographer has been fully awakened in you.


  3. Yes, people are strange, Paula, and I like this track by The Doors. Tend to agree with you but it’s a hot potato of a subject! Superb photo.


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    • 🙂 I appreciate your kind words a lot Marc. It’s been a while since we visited each other. I promise to change that. Take care.


  5. The eyes above in the header are gre8 – full honestly it’s always the first my own eyes falls on – other peoples eyes… 🙂

    For beggars – so my heart will always the best for them – life has taught me that there are both beggars and beggars – implying that for some it is business more than needed – unfortunately, very unfortunately so is the last one overshadowed by the first one – so they confounds the good cause… ;-/

    Really likes your image here, and the thoughts which turn up too… 😉


    • Thank you for all the compliments Drake – my eyes, posted “people” photo and most of all for not being shocked by my introductory text … yes, some people have made their career out of begging ;). THANK YOU 🙂


  6. That’s a pretty powerful picture Paula! Beggars camp outside every chuch of every religion i guess….. I feel the same way, it is heartbreaking, but also very annoying after you get scammed by impostors!


  7. One more vote for the editing 🙂 Love the sepia tones!
    And with you on the beggars. I only give money to the old and infirm. Never to the younger ones or disabled even, because I worry I am encouraging the deliberate maiming of kids. I feel terribly guilty, but….


    • I used to feel guilty all the time, and they play on that…. and I hate them for making me feel guilty .. I think this the very point I am annoyed about.


  8. Grateat photo, great post-processing, great sentiment. I do homeless photography when the situation arises. When I do, it’s with the intent of generating (trying to) concern for the situation or funds (trying to) that can be directed to realistic means of confronting the many issues that contribute to homelessness and poverty in general.

    While there are real people in need, there are also genuine leaches. I put my foot down when it comes to hustlers.


    • I appreciate this a lot Allan. We don’t have that many homeless people here, and the situation is different. Unfortunately, most of our beggars are scam artists. I thank you for your visit and your nice comment, and most of all for your support.


  9. J’aime beaucoup ta photo Paula, très belle illustration du verset de Saint-Jean. Tu sais, en France c’est pareil, c’est triste, mais c’est comme cela un peu partout. Moi j’essaie de donner aux artistes qui chantent dans le métro…je ne peux pas donner à tout le monde. Tu as raison, les gens sont bizarres, mais pas seulement les mendiants malheureusement…Très belles couleurs et très beau sépia en tout cas. Bravo 🙂


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  11. The most amazing photo Paula – I love it!
    I hate dishonesty and people trying to scam – but I try to think and wonder where they come from. I think most people causing pain to others are in pain, so trying to escape their reality by being mean to others. It does not make it right, but it helps me understand and feel empathy rather than hate.
    You are right it can be so hard – and guilt, the most painful of all feelings.
    I love the song – one of my favorites 🙂


    • Hello dear Anne 🙂 Thank you so much for the visit, and for taking time to both listen and look at my post. Have a great weekend dear! The Doors are great, aren’t they? 😉


  12. That is so true Paula. I grew up in a Catholic setting and giving help is part of what I was taught. I used to everytime but now I have to listen to my instincts. There are those made into a profession and worse, as a scamming business at the expense of the innocent and the helpless. But I believe there are those that really need our help like victims of calamities who lost everything. It’s really hard not to care when everything in your heart says, “give.” great post.


  13. I will never understand people.

    Had not been exposed to beggars until I came here, so I have no real experience of them. One Sunday, we were a group that had been out on a photo shoot. We were carrying equipment for thousands and thousands of $$$ … when I happened to lay eyes on a young man sitting on the curb … begging. My normal reaction could have been «get a hair-cut and a job», but I looked at my camera and my tripod and gave him $2.

    That picture is pretty awesome 🙂


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