Phoneography Challenge: My Neighbourhood

I don’t like taking photos with my phone, but the phoneography challenge came out, and since I don’t feel well enough to go outside yet, I give you a night view from my window….


Weekly Photo Challenge: TODAY

Never say never… Just a few days ago I swore to a friend of mine that I would never take iphone pics and much less upload them on the Internet, and then Sara came up with a new photo challenge that did not sit well with me: TODAY (or in my interpretation: a licence to post a crappy “spur of the moment” pic).

As I was walking to the local bakery this morning to fetch croissants for breakfast, I noticed another cafe bar had opened in my already busy and noisy neighbourhood, so I took a pic.

There you have it: Today in my neighbourhood.

Please, don’t rate the quality of the photo. I just wanted to show my neighbourhood, tried to use iphone instead of a more decent camera and wanted to prove myself that I can deal with any challenge. That said, I think there have been enough challenges for one day and it is only 11 am.

P.S. Here is some music to make the experience better, do give it a listen (it cost me extra to put my music here ;).