Weekly Photo Challenge: TODAY

Never say never… Just a few days ago I swore to a friend of mine that I would never take iphone pics and much less upload them on the Internet, and then Sara came up with a new photo challenge that did not sit well with me: TODAY (or in my interpretation: a licence to post a crappy “spur of the moment” pic).

As I was walking to the local bakery this morning to fetch croissants for breakfast, I noticed another cafe bar had opened in my already busy and noisy neighbourhood, so I took a pic.

There you have it: Today in my neighbourhood.

Please, don’t rate the quality of the photo. I just wanted to show my neighbourhood, tried to use iphone instead of a more decent camera and wanted to prove myself that I can deal with any challenge. That said, I think there have been enough challenges for one day and it is only 11 am.

P.S. Here is some music to make the experience better, do give it a listen (it cost me extra to put my music here ;).

41 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: TODAY

      • yup πŸ™‚ But, not as a background! It took me to a blank page with the player!


        • Thanks for giving it a try :). It is annoying that it can’t play on the same page :S. I usually have two tabs opened one for listening to the music and the other one for looking at the pics.


  1. A perfectly good first iPhone photo Paula, I knew you had it in you!! πŸ˜‰ And that song, so catchy and upbeat, I can see you strolling along listening to it, not a care in the world, a bounce in your step and a smile one your face!


    • Why, thank you Cardinal πŸ™‚ though I must say that particular one was not taken today!!! Hey, is Jeff the only one that is listening to my music here??


      • I didn’t even notice the little link to the music. I clicked it after you mentioned it, but my computer won’t play it because I don’t have QuickTime installed. If you put it in another format (like mp3) I can listen to it.

        Or, you could just upload your song to YouTube and post the YouTube video here. (it doesn’t even have to be a ‘video’, just the song and a photo). That way you don’t have to pay extra to post your songs.


        • Now you tell me after I have spent 20$ for the privilegies ;). Most of my tracks will come in mp3. This one was an exception. So far I have three “singing” pictures (under Isolation and Versatile Blogger Award). Thank you for trying Cardinal :). I enjoyed your “today” tour.


    • The banner pic shows Island Orta San Giulio on Lake Orta in Italy. You may want to check out the post “Flirting with life” where you can see more photos of the place πŸ™‚


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    • Thank you for you nice comment Island Traveler. There are so many disadvantages in my neighbourhood, but I prefer to see the beauty in it and to capture it to take it with me :).
      Your wordsl always make me feel good. Thank you.


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