Black & White Sunday: Repetition

After an exciting and relaxing summer, autumn usually puts a greater stress and more expectations on us. Shorter days and increasing work load make us forget how to unwind and have fun till  we finally fall into a rut. This is what happened to me some weeks ago, and I am sure to many of you too. 
Hopefully, I will find a way to break this life-draining pattern and come up with a more entertaining story, but until then I invite you to share some patterns and repetitions of your own for this Sunday’s Black and White challenge.


It feels nice to be back here blogging and challenging you again.

If you want to join this challenge,  please:

  •  Make a photo post on today’s theme

  • Link to this post and tag it #Black & White Sunday

  • Leave me a link in the comment section bellow and

  • Make sure you post before 23rd October when a new B&W challenge is on.


Here come the links to participants’ beautiful entries:

CBBH Photo Challenge: REPETITION

Repetition, replication, reproduction, or in this case reappearance of the same subject throughout the picture.

I’m giving you something round, used, dirty and rolling, heaped up in the backyard of a local tyre repair shop.

Have a stroll with me to a less posh part of my neighbourhood while listening to John Lennon’s “Watching the wheels”.  

This post is a response to Marianne’s  CBBH photo challenge: repetition.

This month I would like to introduce to you two special bloggers that I will never nominate for Inspiring Blogger Award (more attentive readers of my blog are familiar with my views on nominations/awards), but who are nevertheless a constant source of inspiration to me: Bashar from 2 rivers photos , and Marion from Figments of a DuTchess  .

Bashar’s way of making the most mundane subjects look glamorous never ceases to surprise me, and Marion with her love of words, and quest for beauty makes my WordPress experience so much more enjoyable.

Check them out. I’m sure you’ll find them inspiring too.