What would the world without music be like? I don’t know and I don’t wish to find out. Today’s theme for Black and White Sunday is MUSIC. You know the drill: post your photo for the challenge before next Sunday, link to this post, and leave me a comment bellow. 

Reno Schulz playing Fujara, San Gimignano, 2014

©Paula Borkovic


Reno Schulz is a musician stationed in San Gimignano, Italy. He plays several types of flute. The one featured in my photo is Fujara – traditional Slovak flute, and you can hear how it sounds in the enclosed You tube video. I did not record Reno’s sounds, but I managed to capture his portrait while he was holding a private concert for us. And yes, he also plays the music on the attached mp3.

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Perched on a hilltop with about a dozen towers belonging to the Romanesque and Gothic architectural styles, San Gimignano is probably the most picturesque site in the province of Siena. 



©Paula Borkovic

This is the first in the series of the Traces of the Past – Y3 (one month the challenge is run in colour, the other in B&W which means that in February you’ll be asked to post for Traces of the past in monochrome). For this post I chose a photo of a small Italian town in Tuscany, but you can choose whatever traces of the past you can find. It does not have to be a distant one, or rich in history; it can be something personal, or it can even have a human form. If you decide to join this photo challenge:   

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