Perched on a hilltop with about a dozen towers belonging to the Romanesque and Gothic architectural styles, San Gimignano is probably the most picturesque site in the province of Siena. 



©Paula Borkovic

This is the first in the series of the Traces of the Past – Y3 (one month the challenge is run in colour, the other in B&W which means that in February you’ll be asked to post for Traces of the past in monochrome). For this post I chose a photo of a small Italian town in Tuscany, but you can choose whatever traces of the past you can find. It does not have to be a distant one, or rich in history; it can be something personal, or it can even have a human form. If you decide to join this photo challenge:   

  • Make a photo post on today’s theme before next Thursday

  • Link to this challenge post, and tag your post #thursdaysspecial

  • Leave a comment under this post  


And here are the entries to this challenge:


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  4. Love this shot of such a beautiful place, you caught it well with the sun verses shadows surronding the towers, especially loved it there after sunset, when the daytrippers left and the Italian atmosphere returned 😉 Have a great week, Paula, hope all is well!?!
    Cheers, Ron

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    • Thank you very much, Ron. I wish we could have stayed there longer than two hours. We were by ourselves, but still a long way to where we were staying. I am OK, but did not have a holiday (not even Christmas) since July. Things are too busy and winter is harsher than ever. Ron, it is nice to see you back visiting. Take care.


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  9. Lugar precioso!
    Me voy esta noche a Malta, a disfrutar de pueblos antiguos con mucho patrimonio, y por supuesto a respirar aire mediterráneo (y de paso olvidar un poco el invierno 😉 )
    Me llevo inspiración de tu blog. Un saludo!

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    • Hola Eleazar, que bueno q te guste. Yo visite Malta en enero tambien. Te va a encantar si el tiempo sera bueno. Q luz, arquitectura, naturaleza. Disfruta mucho y q tengas un buen viaje.

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  12. The depth of field in your photo is remarkable, Paula. It looks like a renaissance oil painting. The subject is pretty remarkable too. Someone told me that there was a time in the Middle Ages when all the Italian towns had masses of towers like this. It seems very surreal to our eyes. Hope you’re feeling better soon. A friend of mine swears by half of teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda in a glass of water 3x a day. Viruses don’t like alkaline conditions apparently. Take care, and here are my traces of the past

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    • Thank you very much, Tish. I don’t get to travel a lot, but when I do I tend to cherish my memories and my photos for a long time. Thank you for the tip. I take many supplements, but it is difficult to imagine the weather conditions in my part of the world and my work load. If I am not in bed yet, it’s cause of my fury, anger and spite.

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    • I know it is frustrating, but one can’t cover the entire globe. We were in Siena that fall and only spent two hours or less in San Gimignano. Still, Tuscany is beautiful wherever one goes. Thank you, Lynne.


    • The globe is huge, and there is always something surprisingly beautiful to discover. Thank you for the entry, Klara.


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  19. Typically Tuscany, what a fabulous landscape you have captured. You must have been quite high up yourself to get this view. Love the cypress trees. They just scream ‘ITALY’

    I am in the western part of Europe this week for a glimpse of a past that changed the style of architecture.

    Hope the weather isn’t too severe where you are and that you are managing to keep warm. Have a lovely relaxing weekend Paula 🙂
    Jude xx


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  24. One of my favorite places to visit, once inside the world’s best gelato, and pizza with earthy truffles beckons…


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