Black & White Sunday: Landmark

It’s been a while since I challenged you to post a photo (or several photos) in monochrome. Today I am posting a photo with sepia edit to evoke times past, cause I thought it most suitable for a treasured landmark such as Zagreb Cathedral. You are free to do any sort of edit you wish – even selective colouring, or hints or colour as long as monochrome is predominant (it does not have to be an edit at all, it can also be a photo taken as plain black&white – as usual the choice is yours).

This is my entry for my challenge. I would appreciate your kind contributions for this Sunday. Be well and have a good rest!




Things are back to normal blogwise. You can consult the Scheduled challenges page here to see about forthcoming events. I am waiting for bloggers interested in guest hosting a photo challenge (either in colour or black and white) to send me their ideas. You can always contact me here on blog or via email – the details are in the right next to copyright notice.




Please, click on the titles bellow to see the entries to this challenge:

Landmark by DM

Mallee Flower by Meg

Umhlanga Rocks’ Lighthouse by Sylvia

Landmark by Sonya

Mont Saint Michel by Klara

Delta Block by Allan

Blue Mosque by Debbie

Historic Farmville by Yvette

Wenlock Priory by Tish

Kennedy Space Centre

Black & White Sunday: The Look

This Sunday I decided to go with a bit of sepia for a change. If you think you’ve seen this stunning mug before, you are right 😀 Here is the first photo of Hugo that I posted some months ago.


You can grab my Black & White Sunday widget and join me. Show me your B&W photos regardless of the theme.