Black & White Sunday: The Look

This Sunday I decided to go with a bit of sepia for a change. If you think you’ve seen this stunning mug before, you are right 😀 Here is the first photo of Hugo that I posted some months ago.


You can grab my Black & White Sunday widget and join me. Show me your B&W photos regardless of the theme.

33 Comments on “Black & White Sunday: The Look

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    • Aww. you remembered him 🙂 Some days I like him better in sepia, and today I like him better in colour, maybe it is the song that is playing on the other post …


    • It’s French Spaniel, resident of Corsica :). Thank you very much, Mark. I’m happy you love it.


  2. After seeing this perfect shot, I don’t think I want to see the color version.


  3. The sepia certainly suits this photo… I love it, that look of intention on the face of the dog… great capture…


  4. Such a good-looking boy! Sepia suits him. 🙂
    Hope you’re rested enough to face another week, Paula. Not long till that lovely holiday.


    • Hello Jo. Thank you so much for the visit. I will be a bit late. I am having some really nasty pains and burning, and still have to work. Need to see my gyn. Wednesday. I am affraid it might ruin the holidays for me and not just the holidays. I am still scared cause of a surgery I had 4 years ago – can’t think straight today – sorry


  5. I recognized him immediately , when he appeared on my reader……
    Must say that this “sepia” enhances the importance of the photo.
    Just splendid


  6. Good boy Hugo! Sitting so perfectly still for your photo. Your magical photo makes me want to reach through the screen to give him a big pat.


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